Caffeine – The Cure To Britain’s Productivity Problem

Real Business uses MessageBase's data on productivity to investigate whether coffee breaks can solve Britain's low productivity rates - and looks at what your choice of biscuit says about your business brand. Read more here:

The Most Productive Hour Of The Day Is…

PA Life magazine reveals that office workers are 'morning people,' using MessageBase's productivity survey of 1,000 businesses and a previous nationwide survey of advertising and marketing executives. Read the full article at:

MessageBase Reveals 11am-12pm As The Busiest Hour Of The Office Day

MessageBase has spent four years researching office productivity using call handling data from 1,000 companies. Our findings show that the post-coffee, pre-lunch period between 11am and 12pm is the busiest hour of the day, accounting for the completion 13.5 per cent of the day's tasks....

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