This week has been Social Media Week, the third event of its kind with 12 “hosting” cities around the world.  Its purpose: reflecting on the global impact of social media and its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, political, economic and social change.

MessageBase recently sponsored a successful seminar, asking the question: do you like social media, but have no clue how to use it to actually grow your organisation?  We are convinced that social media is an important business tool, but like many others need to work on how to use it to our advantage.

John P Morgan,  a speaker and expert in the areas of human connection, passion and inspirationspoke about a  simple and sensible approach to using social media and how less than one hour a day can get more for free than many organizations get after spending large amounts of money on marketing campaigns.  This was followed by an informative Q &A session with some impressive and thought provoking issues from the floor.  It was also a great networking event in itself at the Central Working collaboration space in Bloomsburywww.centralworking.com

So, are you using social media to spread your message, garner support or make sales? Or are you just using it to connect with friends? Have you ignored social media, considering it a distraction from doing ‘real work’?  I have to admit sitting here today on a bone fide mission to get together some blog material is rather more enticing than processing the monthly payment collection.  But this needs to be done before the end of the day, so if I stick to John’s advice and do no more than an hour‘s research, writing and tweeting I’ll have done both by 6pm.

One of the articles I liked is by Stephen Pritchard, writing for IT Pro  http://bit.ly/zLaIbD on whether Social Media Week was really necessary, and from which the following is unashamedly taken:

A social media consultant goes to the doctor. “I think I’m addicted to Twitter.” The doctor replies: “I’m sorry, I don’t follow you…”

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