12 Apr A Balancing Act

French workers have been given carte blanche to ignore employers out of hours calls and emails according to stories in the national press this week.

A deal signed by employers and trade unions means that exec-level workers in the digital and tech sectors have the legal right to switch off their phones and disregard office emails after 6pm.  While downtime away from the pressures of the office will no doubt leads to invigorated staff and a better work-life balance, others have wondered how this will affect the French offices of multi-national tech companies operating across different time zones from their HQ.

There are some concessions to the legally binding deal, such as accepting work in exceptional circumstances, but Michel De La Force, chairmanof the General Confederation of Managers is reported to have told journalists: “We must always come back to what is normal, which is to unplug, to stop being permanently at work.”

For UK firms not wishing to miss calls from overseas customers or contacts in different time zones MessageBase can offer an alternative to what could be seen as an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach. By using our Response message-taking service organisations can stay in control of their calls whether they are received within work time or outside of normal hours.

Our Response services can be tailored to fit individual businesses, and can enable firms to provide a 24/7 response by a dedicated virtual receptionist. Information and contact details are sent via text or email allowing you to decide whether the call needs immediate attention. Customers are reassured that their call is important and will be responded to as soon as possible.

MessageBase’s professional team ensure your calls are handled as if they had been received within your own office, allowing you to work, rest, or play undisturbed.

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