18 Apr AdInsight Call Tracking

We came across AdInsight a few months ago, whilst searching for a call tracking service that would allow us to track the origin of phone calls, both online and offline. In particular, we were looking for a system that would give us the ability to track which search engine queries resulted in a phone call.It very quickly became clear to us that AdInsight offered this and much more.

In short, AdInsight Clarity is the perfect complement to Google Analytics, allowing us to pinpoint the source of telephone enquiries, identify the key locations from which people are calling and even monitor call quality via the call recording feature. Other neat features include the ability to see average call and wait times, as well as any calls that have may have been missed. Installing AdInsight really couldn’t be simpler, so even if you have very little technical knowledge, setting up the system is a breeze.

Furthermore, the reporting interface is extremely user-friendly; if you are able to use Google Analytics, then AdInsight really is a no-brainer. All in all, AdInsight offers a fantastic level of functionality at a very reasonable price, making it accessible even to smaller businesses. It really is the perfect solution for our needs, allowing us to make educated decisions when spending our marketing budget and ensuring that we do not waste money on sources that do not provide a good return.

AdInsight adds: “We are really pleased that Sebastien and the rest of his team have found AdInsight Clarity so useful for tracking clicks to calls. We’ve designed the software to be highly intelligent, but yet simple to use. Our hope is that many more businesses will experience the same benefits as spoken about above. More information on the Clarity system can be found at www.adinsight.eu.”

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