30 Apr Broken Glass Leads To Smashing Customer Service

In my last blog, I wrote about the frustrations of folk trying to communicate via telephone in the digital age.

The list of pet hates is long but despite the telephone still topping the list as the most popular way to make a purchase or discuss an issue, it can feel like you are jumping through hoops just to get the answer to a simple question. Many companies seemingly set up barriers to communication with their customers with automated answering robots, painfully long queuing times and being passed from department to department all to be endured.

Yesterday I heard an example of how call handling can literally make or break your company’s reputation.  A colleague of mine purchased a framed picture from a leading photographic website. It arrived at his house quickly but the glass in one corner was cracked.

Disappointed, he phoned the company immediately to report the damage in transit.  In these days of recorded messages telling you that you are 15th in the queue, ‘but your call is still important’ or companies that seemingly don’t want to talk to their customers at all, only via email, it came as a bit of a shock when he was able to get through to the right department in seconds.

Knowledgeable handling of the call  (swiftly followed up by a confirmation email) gave as much satisfaction as the no quibble replacement. My colleague is already considering brightening up another wall of his house and, despite the initial breakage, is impressed by the ease of communication and swift problem-solving abilities of this company and will use them again.

Your company’s reputation is just as fragile as glass. It is easily shattered by customer frustration and bad call handling. MessageBase can ensure every call is answered quickly and professionally. At MessageBase we know that talking to your customers and efficient direction of their call can really boost confidence in your brand.

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