15 May Business During The Olympics

“to fail to plan is to plan to fail” (US President &WWII Army General Dwight Eisenhower)

So what’s your plan for the London Olympic Games, starting on the 27th of July?

I’m sure you will spend some time in front of the telly watching the games, might also enjoy going to see it live at the Stadium. That’s all really lovely, but I’m always wondering what businesses will do during that two week period the Games are on?

There will inevitably be interruptions caused by public transport, traffic hold ups, police actions or other emergencies and ‘jammed’ mobile phone networks. This is not counting the crazy 500,000 visitors every day, on average, during the Games and the numerous companies (your customers & suppliers!) that are closing their offices and asking their employees to work from home.

It will have an impact on your business and even being able to use the so-called ‘Zil-Lanes’ (named after the Soviet era motor car called Zil and the road lanes reserved for the senior polit-bureau officials prior to 1989) won’t be enough to get your business going as usual.

What I think you need is a Plan. A plan to be sure you don’t lose business, that your key staff are available when you need them and that gives you the assurance that during that period that things are being handled by the right people and on time. Here’s a check-list of what I think you should consider:

1. Staffing – maybe time to give annual leave or change their normal working hours, you should discuss this with your employees to minimise the impact on your business. What’s the point of them travelling, arriving late and leaving early?

2. Travel disruption – this is not just talking about your staff, but what about the delivery of goods in and out of your business? Don’t forget this will be disrupted too … Read more here: www.london2012.com/making-it-happen/transport/transport-plan.php

3. Internet & Home working – you could ask your staff to work from home, just got to be sure they’ve got what they need there to work efficiently…and that they are insured.

4. Telecoms – Regardless what happens, you’ll need additional capacity and coverage for mobile phone and landline to make sure your prospects and customers can get hold of you. Our telephone answering service will help you with exactly that for less than £1 a call.

5. Insurance – maybe you need to check you’ve got sufficient business insurance for that period to cover you for any business losses?

Read more here (http://www.london2012.com/documents/business/preparing-your-business-for…), a document produced by the London Olympic Authority

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