12 Dec Case Study: IBIS TV

IBIS was founded and is operated by people with real TV industry knowledge and the company has grown consistently since its foundation to provide Integrated Broadcast Information Systems. With over twenty years’ expertise in managing integrated software solutions IBIS brings stability and experience to the broadcast industry. The powerful combination of long years’ loyalty and real broadcast experience provides an exceptional staff resource.  Over the decades, IBIS has become trusted around the world to provide mission critical software elements within complex broadcast and new media systems.

Amongst the team they have real experience of the launch of hundreds of channels – from Channel 4, BSB, BBC World, More4 in the UK, to channels in the USA, Gulf and in Australia. They bring to projects their collected experience as programme editors; programme presenters; engineers; maintenance engineers; in-house application developers and more.

Throughout IBIS’s development as a provider of clever, uncomplicated Media Asset Management Solutions, the IBIS practice of providing proven systems based on the cornerstones of innovation, reliability and understanding has evolved.

MessageBase & IBIS

MessageBase began working with IBIS in April 2005. IBIS growing rapidly and staff numbers growing to 30 or more, it was no longer possible to interrupt the planned work of key staff by handling calls in an ad-hoc fashion in house. Added to the need to provide IBIS’s enterprise customers with a first class, professional response to their calls there was the potential of ‘losing’ valuable new business.

IBIS investigated a permanent new hire to do this job, but when compared with outsourcing the switchboard service there was no contest especially, as IBIS had added a second site and thus the requirement was more complex and less manageable internally – what with the need to manage and rely on temporary staff to cover sickness and holiday absences.

MessageBase now takes calls from both IBIS UK locations, transferring (‘patching’) calls back to staff via their DDI extension numbers completely transparently to the callers and with complete consistency. This is our most effective Telephone Answering Service also referred to as FrontDesk.

In September 2006 IBIS outsourced their ‘Technical Support Line’ to MessageBase. IBIS customers call the ‘Support Line with their issue or fault and MessageBase, using a proprietary scheduling software package logs the call and allocates and IBIS technician, providing the caller with a reference number. The allocated technician is then called by MessageBase or if unavailable an alternative is contacted. The software is updated with the response and solution to the issue and provides IBIS with detailed statistics on the number and type of call-out by customers.

Business Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service with MessageBase.

Clearly, the outsourcing of this function makes business sense to IBIS. Many other ME and enterprises businesses have also found many advantages, including:

  • Professional & consistent service
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Project & protect the ‘brand’ of the business
  • Reduced management overhead
  • Reduced staff costs

“For more than three years MessageBase has made a key contribution to maintaining customer service levels as we have grown our business around the world.  MessageBase provides a managed switchboard service for our two UK offices and a 24/7 Support Line for our key enterprise customers” Andrew Winter, Sales & Marketing Director, IBIS Limited, Surrey & Somerset, UK

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