29 Apr Cash For Questions

Last week I had one of those useful catch up days, when you have the time to have a ring around, go through the overflowing email inbox and potentially tick lots of things off your neverending ‘to do’ list.

Half a day to tackle those phonecalls that aren’t quite in the ‘urgent’ pile but, all the same, need to have time set aside to action them. Out of this list of calls, I would say at least 60 per cent went unanswered. These calls either remain firmly stuck on my list with no progress pending or have been struck off – if no one will answer my call I’ll look elsewhere instead.  Many of those  that were picked up were answered in the first instance by robots requesting which service I required.

At MessageBase, our research shows 93 per cent of businesses without telephone answering services miss calls – a figure which is perhaps backed up by my wholly unscientific poll. Lost calls cost UK business £31.6 billion every year and 72 per cent of people don’t leave voicemails.

For the majority of UK businesses, the telephone still reigns supreme as the main method of communication, yet it is so often the source of great frustration for both businesses and householders. Look on many internet forums and you will see a range of common complaints – being passed around different departments but seemingly no one can help, queuing systems which take an age, being put through to wrong departments, and a bugbear of the digital age, being told to email your enquiry rather than talk to a living, breathing human being. Technology may have changed but people still want to converse with people.

It’s no wonder that so many folk, faced with bad call handling or just plain lack of response, give up.  A staggering amount of business is lost simply because no one picked up the phone or the communications system was too complicated or time consuming to be bothered with.  Using MessageBase’s range of professional answering services will ensure that you never miss a call and that all enquiries receive a friendly, professional welcome from a trained virtual receptionist.

With so much at stake, can you afford not to give us a call?

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