18 Mar Decoding The Digital Age

The way in which we communicate has radically changed since MessageBase was

established 20 years ago.

Technology has been the key driver and the transformation has affected virtually every industry across the globe. The way we speak and communicate with people – from friends and family to customers and even the government – has been revolutionised.

MessageBase is happy to support the aims of GlobalNet21(www.globalnet21.org), a leading forum in the UK discussing major issues in the 21st century. GlobalNet21 is an online community of 20,000 members from across the UK and the globe sharing common concerns for the sustainability of both our planet and the people on it.

GlobalNet21 uses all different modes of communication available to further discussion and action between its members – from traditional meetings in the House of Commons to webinars and events in the real and online worlds. GlobalNet21 has also created a virtual “public square” – a vast social networking system bringing audiences together to discuss and seek solutions for issues that divide and threaten the stability of society and our planet. Current issues under discussion include guarding against the greater possibility for a surveillance State.

MessageBase helps companies facilitate better communication with their customers. We are proud to partner an organisation which supports communities to express their views, link with others, exchange knowledge and take action to make a difference on both a global and local basis.

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