20 Oct Event – Making Social Media Work To Achieve A Purpose

MessageBase is proud to announce a big partnership event to help its customers use social media to achieve your goals:


Are you using social media to spread your message, garner support or make sales? Or are you just using it to connect with friends? Have you ignored social media, considering it a distraction from doing ‘real work’? Do you like Social Media, but have no clue how to use it to actually grow your organisation?

At this 45 minute talk, John P Morgan is going to be teaching you a simple and sensible approach to using social media that can have a massive impact on the success of your organisation.

You don’t need a marketing strategy and you don’t need any special technical skills. In less than one hour per day, you can be getting more out of social media for FREE than many organisations get, even after spending loads of cash on useless ‘campaigns’.

Come and learn how to use social media in ways that are both easy and powerfully effective.

This will also be a great networking event!



John P. Morgan - Speaker - Redefine us

John P Morgan helps people to have more fulfilling lives by teaching them how to better connect, inspire and grow.

He is a speaker and expert in the areas of human connection, passion and inspiration, has appeared as an expert on the BBC and Sky TV and provides mentoring to individuals, charities and companies both in the UK and USA.





When? Tuesday 29th of November, 6.30 – 8.30 PM

Where? Central Offices 11-13 bayley street london wc1b 3hd (right by Tottenham Court Road)

RSVP here to book your Free ticket to the event



Sponsored by

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Taking place at

Central Working

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Boko Creative Film Production

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