23 Apr Flying The Flag For Clear Communication

Today marks both St George’s Day and UN English Language Day.

England’s national day is little celebrated in our country, the patron saint is mainly acknowledged by flags flying here or there atop churches and civic buildings. UN English Language Day is also observed on April 23 to inform English speakers of the history, culture and achievements associated with the English Language. As well as raising awareness of English literature, poetry and the spoken word, it acknowledges the cultural diversity of English as a ‘lingua franca’ – a working language used by speakers of other tongues to converse with each other. UN English Language Day is always held on April 23 to commemorate the birth and death of William Shakespeare who was born on April 23 1564 and died April 23 1616.

At MessageBase the English language is at the heart of all that we do. We may live in the digital age with Twitter, facebook, email and other forms of social media allowing us to connect and communicate with customers but, even so, more than 80 per cent of incoming business still relies on the telephone. We also believe that human beings still prefer to interact with other human beings and not automated answering robots.

With 69 per cent of people saying they would never call back if they experience bad telephone service, we know that a good command of the English language is vital for anyone involved in frontline communications – more than ever, first impressions count. Our fully trained staff will ensure your callers are greeted with a clear and friendly welcome. MessageBase only uses UK-based offices with teams of dedicated virtual receptionists who will ask intelligent questions to direct callers to the correct department or record information to ensure customers receive a timely response to their enquiry.

While we can’t admit to being as brave as St George, our professional call handling services ensure your customers won’t be left breathing fire.

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