05 Apr From Failure To Success

You may have heard previously the story of Spencer Silver inventing the post-it notes. Scientist Spencer Silver at 3M decided to invent a very strong glue. Before long, he invented a new glue, but found that it was super weak. He figured it was the world’s worst glue! But, he decided to keep it anyway and share his ‘failure’ with his co-workers.

4 years later, his colleague Arthur Fry was trying find a way to stop his bookmarks from falling out of his songbook. He thought of trying Silver’s super weak glue to stick his bookmarks. This worked amazingly well! Over the next 6 years, Fry and other 3M scientists worked with this glue and in 1980, they launched the first sticky notes i.e. Post-it Notes to the world.

This week, let’s remember that even failures can pay themselves forward.. Sometimes as block buster inventions!

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