26 Mar Happy Enterprising Mothers Day

The small business scene is currently undergoing the mother of all reinventions.

Every week brings a new story about the rise of the Mumpreneur – mothers who set up businesses which work around their family commitments.

Mumpreneurial enterprises come in all shapes, sizes and sectors, from the kitchen table to late Dame Anita Roddick’s The Body Shop.  Some of these businesses are born out of passion, others out of necessity, but what they all have in common is a flexible approach. Many businesses are run between school runs or are term-time solutions to the long school holidays. Most Mumpreneurs find living by your own rules makes combining work with family commitments just that little bit less hectic.

MessageBase is adept at helping both Mum and Dadpreneurs pave the way to a better life balance.  We can reduce the stress of multitasking with our call answering and message taking packages.

We can also ensure your clients don’t get ‘entertained’ by background toddler tantrums or household hubbub. Mumpreneurs can be confident that their calls will be answered professionally and efficiently, leaving them free to enjoy uninterrupted time with their kids this Easter.

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