18 Mar Helping You Ride The Productivity Roller Coaster

Office life has its ups and downs. Each office and every employee has their own natural rhythm, with individual productivity peaks and troughs throughout the day. The key is to harness the high points to get the best results.

MessageBase has spent four years carrying out research and data collection into office productivity. We use this research to help our clients make informed decisions to gain the best value from of our range of call handling and virtual office services.

The daily roller coaster ride looks a like this: it starts off with low productivity until the first caffeine hit. Unsurprisingly, the biggest jump in productivity is between 9am-10am. You hit your stride mid-morning for one of the most productive periods of the day, between 10am and 12pm. This is when 25% of the day’s work is accomplished. Added together with the period from 2pm-4pm, and these two slots form the period when 50% of the daily workload is achieved. What’s the most productive hour of the day? A sizeable 13.5% of the daily total is achieved between 11-12pm.

As you would expect, there’s a lull at lunchtime. Offices are 39% more productive at the turbocharged 11.30am slot than they are at 1.30pm. Following 2pm-4pm’s next busy slot, comes the biggest fall in productivity, the slot between 5pm and 6pm.

MessageBase specialises in smoothing all sorts of bumps and spikes in office activity. Better still, our services are cost effective, whether you need regular call-answering support at a particular time of day, for example, covering staff lunch times or an ‘always on’ overflow service, which immediately kicks into action when your phones aren’t being answered, whatever the reason. We will work alongside your business to provide you with the support that fits your unique working environment.

Whatever package you choose, our prices represent a considerable saving on employment costs. For example, a typical central London business could save more than £16,000 a year on the cost of employing a full-time receptionist whilst delivering a better service to customers.

MessageBase works with businesses of all sizes and sectors to help you free up time and maximise your productivity. As well as answering phones, we can also take other tasks off your hands through our range of Virtual Office services including post handling, diary management, appointment booking and bespoke admin.

When you hit your busiest times, we will step in and ensure all calls are handled professionally through our telephone answering and message taking packages. With simple message taking plans from £28 per month and switchboard receptionist services starting at £54 per month, we will ensure you never miss a call or lead. And with more than 20 year’s experience, you can be assured that every call will be answered as if we were sitting right beside you.

For microbusinesses and freelancers, MessageBase’s range of packages can help you to make the most of your individual energy levels, giving you time to focus on growing your business at the time that suits you best. Using our range of call handling packages, you might choose a set number of mornings or afternoons per week dedicated to a particular project, meeting your customers or just turn on the service instantly when you decide to take an afternoon off to recharge your batteries or focus on that critical proposal. Give us a call on 0800 01 81 600 (free from landlines) or 0333 344 01 22 (free or local rate from mobiles) to find out more.

At MessageBase, we tailor our services to the needs of your business. The bottom line is that we increase your profitability and help improve your customer experience. Whether you need help ensuring a high quality response to all your calls when your switchboard is swamped, or you want to free up time just to focus on your business, we have a solution to help you.

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