20 Sep It Still Pays To Be Honest.

How nice it is to end the week with something that shows that honesty still pays.  Hot off the press this morning is the story of a homeless man in Boston who found a bagload of money and handed it to the police who found the no doubt relieved owner.   A fund was then set up to reward the man for his honesty, which topped $100,000.

It was quite interesting to see the “hit” figures to  the link on this article http://bbc.in/15HqfiW and I wonder how many people are thinking would they have done the same;  I suspect most of us would have had a fleeting thought about what we might have done with over $40,000, but we too would have handed it in.

I do have one lasting thought, and I am rather sorry for this, but why did the owner have so much cash in a backpack?

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