17 Apr Less Is The New Black

The current buzz in the psychology press is all about the power of doing less. Conventional business wisdom is being turned on its head – less is becoming more. When it comes to hours spent at work, quality trumps quantity. Periods of daydreaming, pottering, even just plain doing nothing are now seen to have a vital function – recharging our over-stimulated brains.

Common sense would have it that working less hours means less exhaustion and greater concentration. Yet the long hours culture still prevails and is even worn as a badge of success.

As I write, the Swedish city of Gothenburg is currently putting the ‘less hours, greater productivity’ theory to the test. The trial involves a group of city council staff who will be paid the same full-time wage to trial a six hour work day. The results of the trial will demonstrate whether the trail group’s shortened day results in greater productivity and reduced rates of sick leave – in short, saving the council money.

MessageBase helps business owners free up time so they can spend it on the tasks they excel at. As well as answering and message taking services, MessageBase takes care of all the important tasks, which would usually be carried out by an in-house PA.

Our professional team of virtual PAs will happily take care of potentially time consuming tasks such as appointment making and diary management, allowing you to spend more quality time with your customers or working on business development. We are experienced in working across varied settings and sectors, from doctor’s surgeries to accountancy practices, building maintenance services to Independent Financial Advisors. MessageBase’s experienced team have the experience and people skills to ensure your clients won’t know the difference between your virtual and in-house staff.

With the Easter break just hours away, perhaps its time to try something new – spend a couple of hours doing nothing.

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