10 Jun Message From The Vatican

vatican-signWe all have the occasional peculiar call and at Messagebase, with a wide variety of businesses using our services, this is no exception.

Yes we have had stressed out callers who have missed their train and are running late for meetings or callers panicking because the copier has run out of toner, a normal day. But every now and then we have some particularly interesting calls and I thought I would share some of these with you.

One of my favourites was a sales caller who asked to speak to the former Managing Director of a company whose name was the same as the company. Sensing that the call was unsolicited the operator enquired what the call was regarding. The caller said he had spoken to Mr Johnson yesterday and that he was expecting his call. The operator responded “Really? Well that’s impossible because Mr Johnson retired 3 years ago.” Left speechless the caller hung up.

We often get asked for directions or which tube station the client is near to. We usually have access to this information but how do you respond if someone asks you if your office is the one with the red door?  Better yet, if you are the lovely blonde lady with the blue sweater sitting by the window?

Another favourite was a call from the brother of a client who knew that he was through to the answering service and just asked the operator to let the client know he had called. This was promptly emailed. Moments later an email came back from the client asking “Which brother? I have four!“

When a new company joins Messagebase, we are never quite sure what kind of calls we are going to get. Not long after one particular new client started, a vet called to speak to customer services. The operator, following the script, enquired whether it was regarding companion animals or farm animals, to which he replied “A clumsy vet, I have just injected myself with an animal vaccine!”. At the time we all thought it must be really serious, but guaranteed we still get a call like this at least once a week.  We haven’t lost a vet yet!

Finally, it’s not always easy to understand callers, whether it’s because they are on mobile phones or English is not their first language…  On this occasion the operator innocently took a message which our client found hilarious.

The message read, “Please call Cardinal Struzzi”.  Our client replied “It’s Carlo Struzzi – I must tell him he’s been elevated to a senior position in the Catholic Church, he will love that!” Talk about a message from the Vatican!

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