23 Dec MessageBase Helps Tech Entrepreneurs Focus On Their Businesses With Call Answering Sponsorship Deal

Tech entrepreneurs can now spend more time growing their businesses and less time answering phones thanks to a sponsorship agreement with MessageBase.

The call management company has renewed its sponsorship of the Entrepreneur First seed investment programme for a second year. The not-for-profit programme selects individuals on the basis of talent and helps them build high-growth tech startups.

MessageBase is providing the 2014 cohort of Entrepreneur First (EF) a bespoke solution to meet the tech entrepreneurs’ unique needs. The package includes a range of phone numbers for publication, as well as call answering and handling for each company according to its unique requirements. MessageBase is providing the entrepreneurs with the added benefit of total call volume flexibility, to provide a solution to the peaks and troughs that startups typically experience in their first year.

MessageBase Director Nicholas Ashford said: “MessageBase is proud to extend and expand our sponsorship of Entrepreneur First, helping even more tech entrepreneurs on their path to growth. Our sponsorship package has been created through our deep understanding of the needs of startups. We know that the first years of a new venture can be tough and unpredictable, which is why we have created this totally flexible package.”

“Building a business requires absolute commitment, focus and discipline,” he added. “This service will help EF’s 2014 cohort concentrate on their core business, without the distraction of ringing phones. Our role is ensure that the next generation of entrepreneurs can focus on the task ahead with the confidence of knowing that every sales lead is getting captured and their calls are being answered quickly and professionally.”

Andrew Jervis, Director of leading UK-wide mobile mechanic service ClickMechanic, was part of the 2013 EF cohort and was introduced to MessageBase through the programme. MessageBase has helped him meet an explosion of customer demand and a 14-fold increase in the number of enquiries in the last 12 months.

Andrew said: “MessageBase is allowing us to rapidly scale without worrying about missing calls, so we can focus on growing the business. We know that our calls are being handled professionally and our customers aren’t left hanging: they can speak to someone to guide them through the process in a highly professional manner.”

Alex Crompton, Programme Director at EF said: “Our entrepreneurs need to fully dedicate themselves to building their business, not answering the phone constantly. Our sponsorship deal with MessageBase gives them freedom from phones and the flexibility to manage spikes in their business, without incurring additional costs.”

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