11 May MessageBase Initiates Search For Further Telephone Answering Service Acquisitions

MessageBase (http://messagebase.com) has initiated a search to acquire further businesses in the telephone answering service (TAS) sector.

Owners and brokers looking to sell their telephone answering service are invited to contact MessageBase (http://messagebase.com) for further information on how to unlock capital from their business.

Expressions of interest are invited from both standalone businesses and where call answering and handling forms part of other firms. Businesses include serviced offices, virtual receptionists, telephone answering, call handling and managed switchboard services. Both distressed and growing businesses will be considered, in any location.

Since the purchase of MessageBase in August 2014 by Fordhouse Equity, MessageBase has strengthened its objective of becoming one of the top three brands in this market sector within the next three years. The first tranche of a multi-million pound acquisition and investment programme has been implemented, expanding MessageBase’s London-based office and creating a bespoke ultra-fast, high capacity and resilient telephony platform. Further growth plans centre on delivering exceptional value and superior customer experience to clients and callers.

The acquisitions team for MessageBase is headed up by a team with strong experience in the TAS sector. Businesses will be offered quick and painless due diligence, along with favourable payment terms to suit their needs. The acquisition process – from initiation to completion – can be finalised in just two months.

With a focus on acquisitions which allow for quick completion and release cash payments, owners have the opportunity to walk away from the management of their business quickly. The company can provide outstanding references from owners who have previously sold their telephone answering services.

If you are considering selling your TAS, selling your virtual receptionist service, selling your switchboard service, or serviced office space, please get in touch directly with the MessageBase acquisitions team on acquisitions@messagebase.com to find out how to maximise the value for your business by going direct and avoiding middlemen.

Selling your TAS: benefits of working with MessageBase

• MessageBase is interested in hearing from business owners and brokers who are interested in, selling telephone answering service (selling TAS), selling virtual receptionist services and selling serviced office space.
• Our team is experienced in TAS acquisitions and can provide excellent references from companies within this sector.
• Quick and painless due diligence.
• Favourable payment terms to suit your needs – we can offer initiation to completion in just two months.
• Maximise value for owners by selling direct and avoiding middlemen such as brokers.
• MessageBase specialises in acquisitions that allow for quick cash payments.
• We allow business owners to walk away from the management of their business quickly.
• We will consider telephone answering services in any location.
• Existing systems and technology are not important – we will work with whatever you have, wherever you are.

For further information, contact the MessageBase acquisitions team on acquisitions@messagebase.com

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