28 Apr Partially Dressed

One of the sites we follow is Working Naked.com.  There are some good tips for the home and start up worker, just the sort of people we at Messagebase hope to assist in our day to day business.

“Working Naked” refers to the fact that when you start working from home, you’re stripped of all corporate support including an administrative assistant, technical staff and even the office busybody to keep you in the loop. In other words, you’re left “naked”

This is true; anyone who has taken the plunge into starting up a business on their own will recognise that feeling; it’s all down to you and the day can seem long and lonely.  The fridge feels like a good friend, rewarding when you’ve done some cold calling, comforting when you feel you are getting nowhere.

A Telephone Answering Service is an extension of your business.  Not only does it ensure that you never miss a call or a new business opportunity, whether you are on the phone to a prospective client or just raiding the fridge, it allows the feeling that you are not quite on your own.

We’re not suggesting that you call up for a congenial chat – it’s very nice to speak to our clients but we are far better employed in answering your calls.  However an important part of the service is the rapport that develops between the client and the team, you get to know us and we get to know you.  That’s very important when we are the frontline of your business.

Maybe that allows a feeling of being partially dressed!

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