18 Mar Start Up Business Is Booming

Last week’s Telegraph contains good news for the UK’s ever-growing band of entrepreneurs.

According to an article by Michael Hayman of communication agency Seven Hills, a ‘thank you’ email is currently dropping into the inboxes of entrepreneurs and young firms from chancellor George Osborne acknowledging the vital part they play in creating jobs and wealth (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/jobs/10678730/Government-has-acknowle…). The chancellor will again show his gratitude to the Great British Start Up next month by bestowing the gift of an allowance of £2k on NIC contributions for UK employers. The discount is aimed at helping businesses to grow, perhaps by hiring their first employee or further expanding their workforce.

The team at MessageBase are proud supporters of enterprise in the UK.  We are partners with Entrepreneur First (www.entrepreneurfirst.org.uk) the leading programme for aspiring tech founders in the UK. We also have many years experience in helping young firms grow by providing them with telephone, message taking and virtual office space at each stage of their development. We are adept at working with new firms, helping them create a professional service that reflects and enhances their professional identity – after all, 20 years ago, we were there too.

There’s an impressive array of stats in the Telegraph piece, which show that entrepreneurial spirit in the UK is alive and kicking in spite of the poor trading conditions. More than half a million new businesses were registered last year and 1.6 million private sector jobs have been created since 2010. The Office for Nat

ional Statistics reports that 395,000 more people were in employment in

February 2013 compared to a year ago.  In London, eight private sector jobs

have been created for every one in the public sector since 2010

It’s true that many of these start ups wouldn’t be in business had it not been for the recession. But when the economy shifts up a gear from the baby steps of recovery to full steam ahead, the diversity and sheer number of enterprises boldly going for growth in the UK can only be a good thing.


Raise your glasses to a bright future!

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