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Still figuring out new ways to cut overheads in 2014?

Transferring your switchboard from in-house to a virtual reception team could result in savings of 20 per cent on staff costs, rising to an enormous 57 per cent if your office is based in London.

We’ve produced a handy comparison guide to show the cost saving potential of switching to MessageBase’s FrontDesk Managed Switchboard Service, which delivers the same benefits as employing a full-time receptionist. The illustration at the bottom of the blog looks at the costs incurred for a wholly employed switchboard operator working for a mid-sized enterprise with 200 employees.

The calculation estimates the total cost of employing a receptionist receiving the average UK wage of £12k to be  £19,956 rising to £31,284 for an employee on a London wage of £18k. An equivalent outsourced service through MessageBase would cost just £17,340 – a 20 per cent saving on the UK average salary alone.

FrontDesk is MessageBase’s specially designed service operating as a central ‘hub’, answering calls for companies with between two and 2,000 employees. The service can be using in conjunction with existing telephony equipment and for companies with staff in one or any number of locations. At MessageBase, we know that no two businesses operate in the same way, so there are a wide range of options – from calendar management to employee helplines – which can be added to create your own bespoke package.

Making cost savings doesn’t mean a compromising on customer experience. For more than 12 years, FrontDesk has been providing clients, including big household names, with a professional answering service. Our team of PAs all have English as a first language and are trained to provide consistent customer service levels which enhance your corporate image and brand.

Working in dedicated teams, our staff will quickly get to know your business, staff and regular customers and can be trusted to greet customers in a discreet and sensible way.

Give MessageBase a call – and see how much you could save.

MessageBase cost comparison

Per FTE per year


Central London

SE England

UK Average





Employers NI

£  2,484

£   1,932

£  1,656

Staff Benefits

– Pension/medial/catering

£  3,000

£   2,800

£   1,800

Temporary staff costs

– 4 weeks p.a. per FTE

£  3,000

£   1,800

£   1,500

Space & Furniture

£   4,000

£   2,500

£   1,800

Support services



£     900

£     800

Management overhead

£   800

£     500

£     400

Lost calls/sales & revenue?




Customer service value?




Brand/reputational value?








FTE = Full Time Equivalent. Employers NI is 13.8% of salary & other compensation.

MessageBase charges: Comparing a mid-size enterprise with 200 employees and one FTE employed 100% as a switchboard operator with a MessageBase (MB) service to answer the main switchboard calls:

MB Management charge: £   195 per month

MB answering one calls per staff member per

Day – 100 calls/day or 2000 per month: £1,050 per month *

Call transfer costs. Assumes to UK STD number: £   200 per month **

 Monthly Total: £1,445

 Annual Total: £17,340

This provides a simple cost saving benefit (i.e. excluding the ‘below the line elements’) of between

20% (UK Average) and 57% (Central London).

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