16 May The €œBig Society”? Look No Further Than Rock Choir!

I have had an amazing weekend and feel totally exhilarated having done some things that I have never done before.   But my experience yesterday was one I never expected, ever.  I spent the day at Wembley Arena with 10,000 other people, singing as one big choir.  It was one of the experiences of my life.

I don’t have much of a singing voice, in fact my family would say I really can’t sing but I have always thought how wonderful it would be to sing in a choir. Then in January this year I discovered Rock Choir.

There are thousands of people all over the country who meet every week and learn a mixture of Motown, pop and gospel songs led by fantastic teachers; you don’t have to audition and in fact you don’t really have to be able to sing.  This was proven by the guys who sat behind me yesterday, belting out the songs, having a wonderful time but so out of tune!  My apologies to the lady sitting next to me (Hampstead member I believe) as I couldn’t hear myself and was probably just as out of tune as they were.

We sang in our year groups, we sang Dancing in the Street with Debra Stephenson, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down with The Soldiers and hummed Nessun Dorma with Wynne Evans (Go Compare fame – you must know him).  We listened to and shed a tear with speakers from the two charities supported by Rock Choir – Missing People and Refuge.  We sang several songs more than once to get the lighting and sound right for ITV who are producing a documentary about Rock Choir. We screamed for the 120 male choir members who performed a fantastic rendition of Pretty Woman, kept secret from even their wives, and we cheered wildly for Caroline Redman Lusher, the founder and driving force of Rock Choir.

Best of all, we sang for ourselves and our newly found friends. David Cameron’s “Big Society”?  Rock Choir is already there. Check our video or check out their website.


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