28 Oct The Simple Secret To Customer Service Excellence

All your customers really want is an efficient interaction with a real person. That’s it.

A recently published Customer Service survey by Which? of over 3,000 people (http://tinyurl.com/mp3cayh) has helped to identify what really annoys us and what we actually want from Customer Service.

Unsurprisingly, people want efficient service. Keeping customers waiting and wasting their time really irks them, with staff being too busy for customers, suffering annoying hold music and then being passed from person-to-person all coming in the top 5 of customer service bugbears.

But whilst customers crave efficiency, it mustn’t come at the expense of a human interaction. People want to talk to people and whilst those automated telephone menu systems may seem to be efficient, they are the #1 customer service annoyance of 2014.

So ditch the automated telephone menu and invest in a person or service that can help you to answer your calls in most efficient and effective, but human way.

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