08 Mar The Wonderful World Of Virtual Services

Two events recently highlighted the wonderful world of virtual services for me  – and made me realise that whilst we at MessageBase work towards becoming an integral part of our clients’s teams we never know who is doing the same!

I recently took a call from a potential client, asking about our Telephone Answering services.  Being in this business I am quite sensitive to voices, names and linking bits of information together, and found that the caller was someone who worked as a virtual PA for a long term MessageBase client.  We only knew her by email and as the “part-time assistant”, but this call introduced her as an entirely different entity, not only as a potential client herself but as someone whose services might even prove useful to us in the future.  I ended my discussion with “I feel a blog coming on…..”!

A second event today had the same effect.  A call was taken for a FrontDesk client*, the client was dialled and when announced the MessageBase PA was asked to hold whilst the client spoke to the person sitting next to her – who happened to be another long-term MessageBase client.  Different company; we had no idea that they shared an office!

Using MessageBase is seamless; we are part of ever increasing and useful virtual world.  A virtual team can be a lot bigger than even we think.

*FrontDesk is our MessageBase call transfer service. Click on the Call Forwarding tab to find out more.

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