09 May Theres No Place Like Home Office

Last month, The Guardian’s Home Business Hub carried a feature on the joys and pitfalls of home offices.

The piece looks at how a business owner’s choice of base – invest in office space or run your business from home – can influence how your company grows and progresses. While renting commercial space can bring benefits such as conveying greater professionalism, the article warns start-ups to think carefully before taking that first step.

The advantages, according to the article, include being able to ‘try and see’ if the business will work for you. But the disadvantages include limiting the potential of your new business – without additional space for staff or stock, it can be difficult to scale up to the next level.

Running a business from home may cut costs financially but it can prove both physically and mentally difficult to switch off if you know the proposal you are working on is just a few feet away.

The Guardian’s piece touches on how one home-based business squared this particular circle by hiring office space for a visiting overseas client – and ended up winning a major consultancy contract. The experience highlighted by this particular firm demonstrates that there are other ways to maintain flexibility whilst promoting a professional image.

MessageBase has been helping microbusiness owners to enhance their image for more than 20 years. We can help them to achieve the best of both worlds – the freedom to work from wherever they choose using our virtual reception and message taking packages plus access to bright serviced office space, allowing them to project a professional image to clients.

At MessageBase, we know that first impressions count. You can depend on our trained staff to enhance your brand image whatever the size of your company – whether they are handling calls from your clients or welcoming them at our range of serviced offices.

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