02 Apr Value For Money?

One of footballs most experienced managers is quoted in the press today as saying “We gave away the most terrible goals I’ve ever seen since I’ve been managing a football team,” after his team’s 3-2 defeat over the Easter weekend.  One of the team’s players, a controversial signing this season, is also quoted:

QPR defender Chris Samba has told fans to “get over” his wages after apologising for his error-strewn display in the damaging loss to Fulham.  He is reported to earn £100,000 per week, and tweeted “Tell me what is a £100k performance?” in response to an outcry from fans looking at relegation from the Premier League.

So what is value for money?

Is a player earning £100,000 a week rightly expected to put in a first class performance in each match?  The average fan, maybe earning £25,000 a year and paying upwards of £40 to see each match probably feels he should get a decent return on his expenditure.

In business, as in our domestic arrangements, we expect a certain level of service in return for our patronage.

As a subscriber to MessageBase on either a monthly  or Pay As You Go basis, no matter how big or how small you are, and therefore how much you pay, you can expect a consistent level of service – we answer and deal with every call in the same professional manner.

We consider that is value for money and what our clients expect.

However, we are also human, and whilst as a whole at MessageBase we never “go sick”, maybe now and then, as individuals, we have an “off” day and perhaps misread the information in front of us, or sound a little out of sorts.

Maybe Chris Samba felt “out of sorts”, it can happen to the best of us and we have all experienced the day that just does not get any better.  Is it relevant that he earns a great deal of money and fans pay a high percentage of their earnings relative to return?  Are our customer’s right to expect that consistent level of service no matter whether we are having an off day?

I think this is a 50/50 answer – a resounding yes, but also remember that no one is perfect.

Perhaps a little bit of humility wouldn’t go astray either…

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