11 Aug What Do We Do Best Here?

Remember the last time you slipped up? That time when you kicked yourself and wondered why you were such a failure and why to even bother next time? Yes it was bad but punishing yourself is just not going to get you anywhere. To overcome the impact of what went wrong it’s time to start thinking about the solution.

Accept what happened, it’s done. Rather than continuing to blame yourself and maybe other people, it’s time to look at what really happened. The best question to ask your self is ‘what’s best to do now?’ You need to make more thoughtful choices that are solution focused. It’s not exactly a win-lose game, it’s more of a process where you’ll reach your goals by learning from your mistakes, making changes and looking forward.

Once an employee inquired, “How can you profitably lead this huge company?” The CEO smiled and explained, ‘When I joined this company, it was making record losses. His first instinct was to figure out, “Who was causing the problems?” But he didn’t seem to be getting anywhere and their performance didn’t improve much. So he started asking a different question, “What would help?” This led to a much better year and they finally broke-even. Eventually, he changed his question to, “What do we do best here?” And this led to a huge boost in their performance and they have never looked back.

Written by Roselyn Xavier.

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