26 Feb Wild Winter Reminds Firms To Expect The Unexpected

The clean up operation is now underway after the wettest winter on record. The figure for repairs across the UK – to coast, city and country – could easily reach £1 billion and this sum may well prove to be a conservative estimate.

With the ground still waterlogged, it could be late spring before we see floodwaters completely recede from some parts of south west and south east England. The Government has announced measures to help businesses hit by the storms including 100 per cent tax relief on business rates for three months and allowing them to defer tax payment, but affected firms will no doubt be counting the cost of 2014’s wild winter for years to come.

Disruption by floods, storm damage and power cuts can have a devastating effect on businesses.  But like any good Scout will tell you, the best way of minimising the impact of unforeseen disruption is to ‘Be prepared.’

MessageBase can help firms reliant on communication and information technology systems (CIT) to prepare for the unexpected through a range of tailor-made business resilience support (BRS) and business continuity planning (BCP) services. The aim of the business resilience support service is to reduce the risk of disruption to everyday business processes.

MessageBase can help your company identify potential weaknesses and provide the measures needed to rectify them. For example, we can provide a back up service to the main switchboard, a strategy for back-up and data recovery including off-site storage or the introduction of an uninterruptible power supply for CIT systems.

Even with best BRS measures in place, emergencies happen. That’s when business continuity planning kicks in. The BCP specifies the actions needed to be taken to recover from an unexpected event – anything from flooding or storm

damage to a fire or prolonged power cut.

MessageBase can help businesses reduce the impact of unforeseen disruption and quickly put in place a recovery plan. Our BCP service provision can include anything from providing diverts and alternative contact points for customer callers to use of alternative serviced offices and CIT support which enables staff to move from an affected to an unaffected building.

Expecting the unexpected is a vital part of running any business. Having robust BRS and BCP plans in place makes good business sense, reassuring your customers and giving your firm the edge over competitors.

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