26 Feb You Lost Me At ‘Hello’

Yesterday I picked up a phone to enquire about a product I had seen in a
magazine. The product looked fantastic and I just had a few questions I wanted to ask which would help inform my purchase – just a couple of snippets of information on how I could effectively use it and the deal would have been sealed. I was one click away from buying.

I have never dealt with the company in question before so decided to give them a ring to find out more. What happened next demonstrates the need for businesses to really focus on customer experience as well as the products themselves.

I picked up the phone to be greeted with a ‘hello’ … then silence. I was given no explanation or expectation of how my call would be handled. No offer of help was forthcoming on how my enquiry might be forwarded to the right department to get the answers I needed.

I gave a brief outline of the questions I would like to ask but received no shred of help or acknowledgement from the other end of the line. As a potential new customer, you have no knowledge of the company or which departments and
personnel can help. You need the assistance of frontline reception staff who know their company well to welcome you, ask intelligent questions, then direct your call to the correct department.

To cut a long story short, there was another brief, brusque exchange and I decided not to buy. First impressions count and my initial experience of dealing with this particular firm were being made to feel rather awkward. What happens
if something goes wrong with the product, or if I need further assistance? Would I get the silent treatment again?

At MessageBase we recognise that receptionists are the first point of contact between the customer and your brand. Providing a fantastic customer experience on top of a great product can set your company apart from competitors and inspire brand loyalty. Our fully trained staff can be relied upon to provide a friendly, professional and consistent welcome to customers.

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