20 Nov Your Customers Want To Speak To Someone, Not Listen To Pharrell.

PowWowNow, the teleconferencing organisation, recently published research to promote their On Hold music, implying that this music is both valued and can have an uplifting effect on people (http://www.powwownow.co.uk/blog/news/extent-onhold-music-effect-people).

Whilst it’s perfectly true that listening to music can provide an emotional boost – as was true for 85% of the people surveyed – the survey questions and analysis completely misses the point.

People enjoy music when listening to it by choice, but intensely dislike it when it is forced upon them, such as in a train carriage or in the form of On Hold music. No survey data required for this observation: fire up your music on your mobile’s speakers on the tube or bus and look at the faces around you.

If they had replaced the word ‘music’ with ‘On Hold music’ then we would have had some pretty negative numbers. In fact On Hold music was voted the #3 most annoying customer service issue in a recent Which? survey (http://tinyurl.com/mp3cayh).

Many of our customers use MessageBase to ensure that not one of their customers ever has to endure the dreaded On Hold music. Messagebase’s call overflow service diverts calls to us if all our client’s phones are engaged or they cannot get to the phone. Every call answered (without On Hold music) helps increase profitability, improves customer experience and lets our clients have freedom from their phones.

For more information on MessageBase’s call overflow service go to messagebase.com/outsourced-switchboard or call 0800 01 81 600.

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