13 Jul You’re Hired! MessageBase Unveils New Scheme Offering Up To Ten Apprenticeships

MessageBase (http://messagebase.com) will be helping young job seekers to take their first steps into the workplace with the unveiling of a new apprenticeship scheme.

The scheme will help up to five youngsters into their first job within the fast growing call answering sector. Our apprenticeship scheme is inspired by the success of a similar scheme which has been running at the main offices of our latest business acquisition, Livetel Solutions (http://livetelephoneanswering.co.uk). MessageBase’s new apprentices will start their working life at MessageBase’s offices here in Hampton, and this vital experience will be combined with further study towards their level 2 Business Administration qualification at Barnet and Southgate College.

We’re hoping to emulate the success of the scheme at Livetel, which has a strong tradition of bringing youngsters into the telephone answering services industry.
Livetel, which is based in Colchester, has taken on five apprentices over the past 12 months. As well helping these youngsters onto the first rung of the job ladder, Livetel helps its apprentices to develop their careers within the business into more senior positions. The scheme has had some real success stories over the past few years – Jessica, one of Livetel’s current team leaders is one of their former apprentices.

MessageBase has already taken on one apprentice from our local area in a pilot scheme. She is currently studying towards their NVQ Level 2 qualification at Barnet and Southgate College. The apprenticeship scheme lasts 12 months and after they complete their initial training and qualification, our apprentices will start their full time working lives here, with the option of progressing to more senior roles as they gain more experience.

We’re all looking forward to meeting our new apprentices and will update you on their progress soon.

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